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FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 11:00am EDT
if their tax dollars are helping to fund his reelection campaign. how? teachers unions. on the same day the national association endorses president obama with the same term. it slaps his members with a hike. welcome to forbes on fox. we'll go with elizabeth and rick and mark and victoria. are and victoria should taxpayer dollars be used to push the union's agenda here some >> that seems to be what is happening. the timing is coincidental. teachers can spend their salaries however they want? not really. they are forced to join unions . when you join that union, you are paying into a system. i looked at federal filings it is a bit of a maze. they have high operating budget and a lot of money ends up back in washington where an overwhelming amount ends up in democratic coffers . so you are funding the democratic agenda. >> by the way, quentin, to put thing in perspective. 72 percent of nea will vote for president's election is down from the first election. go ahead. given the contempt republican school teachers are treated to and right-wing media i am not surprised they support the lest wi
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 11:30am EDT
. the white house is creating jobs for -- paper and pencils of a pro union agenda and what big labor is doing in our classroom. here's a myth: you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail ice a year, every year you don't have an accident. the safe driving bonus check. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free >> sound the alarm. the white house has a new plan to create jobs. four excons. the obama administration plan to spend 20 million dollars to help those out of prison find work . wayne, you say this is a con job, why? >> this is ridiculous. i mean, you know, i am all for trying to rehabilitate and spending 20 million dollars. 60 percent of the people in prison are resid vist and 44 percent go back in the first year and in thitate of alcohol it cost 47,000 and the state is losing their
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 11:00am PDT
on the policies, do others share his views. and two federal agencies have become the last bastion for pro union policies we'll tell you who they are and what they're up to. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm stuart varney in this week for paul gigot. dramatic developments in debt ceiling showdown as house speaker john boehner called off talks on the so-called grand bargain. both sides meeting today. even if they get an agreement. is it too late to avoid a credit downgrade? joining the panel this week, wall street journal editor, james freeman. columnist, mary o'grady. kim strassel and steve moore. to you first, kim, if i may. are we looking more and more like greece? >> well, this is been one of the more remarkable aspects of this debate, stuart, in that only a few months ago both the white house and rating agents say we want you to have a clean debt ceiling hike, get it over with and then you'll be fine. increasingly the rating agencies are saying, actually you need to show us, demonstrate some sort of significant cuts or you might also, nonetheless, be at risk of a downgrade, too. s
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 12:00pm PDT
the middle-class? unions i'm told you about unions landlords tell me when i confronted them about it, we built the middle-class they say. the head of wisconsin firefighters union. >> the middle-class would not be where it is today without the union. >> john: and they claim they help minorities. here is the sample of my interview with new york city's 34,000 member transit union. >> you discount the extremely positive impact that the trade union movement has had in this country, launching people into the middle-class. particularly african-americans and latinos. >> john: but that is just not true, say tom woods and day monday route. the author of 33 questions about american history you are not supposed to ask. day monday root writes for reason magazine were shocked how much what they learned in school turned out to be wrong. like what? >> well, the union question for one. what did we get on unions other than propaganda. they raised it all up with rules. >> john: if the union mythology were correct history wouldn't have turned it out the way it did. civil war, wages are rising consistently a
Jul 15, 2011 5:30pm PDT
] >> good morning, everybody. welcome to union square. one of my favorite places. you may know this, but two- thirds of our annual visitors make their way down here to union square. that is why 10% of our annual sales tax revenue comes from right here. people love coming here, and why not? why not link the historic cable car stop on market street, and make the experience of making up here -- making it up here and the rest of the city and experience. one of the things that i love is we get to collaborate between our planning department, mta, department of public works, working with the private sector. working with some fantastic designers, like walter, and his fantastic design studio. and gaining the confidence of the people who protect this gem of the city, the business improvement district in union square. i want to thank everyone for coming together and blessing, with the contribution from audi of america, coming together to make these couple of blocks even better, to modernize it, make it even more welcoming, and to make sure that it is people-friendly in every respect. i want to give a s
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 10:00am EDT
prove why the tsa should not unionize? [ mom ] one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> hi, live from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. the tributes are pouring in as we remember former first lady betty ford, the widow of former president gerald ford has died at age 93. she passed away at eisenhower medical center in southern california. ford, whose triumph over drug and alcohol addiction inspired so many others to help, she co-founded the betty ford center, a clinic in california. and the next 48 hours could be crucial for striking a deal on raising the nation's debt limit. both parties will go face-to-face at the white house tomorrow. president obama wants
FOX News
Jul 24, 2011 2:00am PDT
>> tonight what you were not taught about history. i would have thought that union leaders. >> the middle class would not be where it is today. >> my guests say it's not true. the rise to power came at the expense of the groups, particularly african-americans, i'm told that political campaigns are worse than ever. >> they can take it to a new level. >> don't watch stossel. is this new? you should hear what the founders said about each other. >> if thomas jefferson wins, murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will be openly taught and practice. >> and told that ronald reagan up to the cold war. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall! but the historians say this did more to end the cold war. >> finally, we're all thought that politics changed history, but larry flynn historians say that politicians, as important. >> that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> what built the middle class? unions, i'm told, but union leaders often tell me when i confront them about bad things that unions do, we built the middle class they say. here is the head of wisconsin's firefi
Jul 22, 2011 12:00pm PDT
: more than 1200 union workers -- and that's a conservative estimate -- and their supporters are holding a rally and taking stock of what is becoming rare in this country and that is a union worker. people arrived here at the downtown marriott. this is organized by the asian pacific labor alliance. asians make up just 10% of all union members but supporters here say that the union is helping people who are not even in unions. last month, the woman who convicted of workers commission robbed, the union helped her get the sentence down to ten years. you guys are getting how much for 60 hours of work a week? >> this girl is a sister, okay? she is a sister to us all. give a warm welcome to secretary of labor. >> reporter: feliz ace supporter of unions. she told the conventioners that in states where unions are under attack in republican states. >> we know that collective bargaining give them that seat to demand that right, to gave them a workable wage to give them the dignity. >> despite the union success, the number of union members is also shrinking across the country. the department of lab
Jul 9, 2011 12:00pm EDT
the war for union into a war for union freedom. that was a pretty breathtaking turn of events. we wanted to exploit that here today with an emphasis on the extraordinary battle of antietam that did so much to transform america in many ways. let's go back a couple of days before the battle. september 15, 1862, destroy the rebel army if possible. a few days later after a battle widely reported in the press in a major union victory the commander in chief issued a congratulations. a few days later the emancipation proclamation suspended. the writ of habeas corpus began nagging to go into action. he wrote this amazing letter to a quaker leader in citing his belief that america was going through a fiery trial. permitted to continue, as he put it, for some wise purpose of his own mysterious and unknown device. well, among the landmark books on the civil war crossroads and freedom, antietam, the battle that's changed america in which she wrote in a war with several crucial turning points above antietam was the pivotal moment for the most crucial of the mall. and in his unsurpassed by aircraft --
Jul 8, 2011 4:00pm PDT
was to include all the unions and make sure it is something that they can pay attention to, that they understand and will participate in, so we did that in a very different way. we met with all the unions and discovered that the unions were very willing to give up more, to pay more into the pension program, so that the burden on the city's general fund would not be as great. we went about telling them what we had to do, and we created a pension reform measure that was flexible, that whenever the increase in cost went up because the investments were not as good, their cost of contribution would go up simultaneously. but they would also -- and this is a very important point -- when times are good and our investments do good, we pay less as a city into the fund. they pay less into the city, so they enjoy the good times, but they also share in the bad times. that flexibility is called the flow -- float in our charter, and that is a big distinction with the alternative proposal that is still being marketed by mr. adachi. it is important for you to know that. that distinction called vested rights. man
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 7:30am PDT
work force, check. lighter and pipe. check. >> union workers getting high and drunk on a work break. someone here says this is the best thing for the job market? you've got to find out why. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone -- the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> coming up, union workers getting high on a break, give me a break. and some here are >> here they are, steps away from the the union hall doing their thing. check out the guy with the pipe and head phones, sure must be relaxing. >> our fox affiliate in detroit, nailing the union workers during a break. th
FOX News
Jul 18, 2011 1:00pm PDT
in a moment. but, first, to washington, what's a priority? debt ceil? no. union elections on the fast track. that is what it. i am stuart varney here for neil cavuto. and day one of a hearing by the national labor relations board wrapping up as we speak. the board wants to speed up union elections from the current 38 day average to ten day average. former verizon wireless chief says it eliminates rights to fight off unions because the current board is "pro union." would you spell it out. if you speed up an election, 38 days down to ten days how does that kill jobs? >>guest: the way the process works is this: unions must get 30 percent of the group to be represented by the union to sign authorization cards. it takes months and months to do that. once the 30 percent of the workforce has signed the cards, they file with the nlrb for an election. the nlrb calls an election and supervises that election. today, it is usually 30 days for 40 days for the election to take place. what they would like to do is change that to ten days. all the months that it took to build interest and then to give comp
Jul 24, 2011 11:00am EDT
that natives historic function seven largely taken over by the european union security alliance and says that if it is said to -- to survive it must take on a different role. about 55 minutes. >> i am just thrilled to be here think the foreign policy association which has played such an important role in the development of what i do. i want to thank all the cadets who are here from was. west point is one of the most aspiring places that i have had privilege to go to. every time i go there i am in of of the careers of these young women and men. and so i simply cannot start without saying thank you for your service. [applause] nato, i believe, is an increasingly dysfunctional organization. and if it continues to go the way it is now it will become rather inconsequential for the security of europe and the net estates. that is kind of the theme of my book. and i also believe, however, that nato is extremely important and that it has, in some way, to be redone. so let me reveal the mystery of this book, "nato 2.0: reboot or delete?." someone says, are you going to give away which one it is? w
Jul 1, 2011 5:00am EDT
. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> q good job as ethnicities being treated for cancer. -- hugo chavez is being treated for cancer. the 90th anniversary of the communist party. welcome to the bbc world news. the world -- the royal wedding at fever is going on in monaco. the latest transformer's film -- will it provides 3d cinema? after speculation about his health, hugo chavez has admitted he is being operated on for cancer. surgeons found a tumor. the tumor has been successfully removed and he is under a full recovery. >> a much thinner and failed -- and frailer president appear before cameras. it is the first time he has spoken to the nation since he was taken to cuba at three weeks ago. he confirmed what many expected -- that his health problems or more serious than the government previously admitted. >> the doctor did a series of tests, which confirmed the presence of a tumor and the presence of cancer cells, which made a second surgical intervention necessary
Jul 9, 2011 9:30am PDT
. because they get something out of it, they are vested in it. the unions continue to view, as i do, that the alternative proposal being sponsored by mr. adachi does not consider vested rights and therefore will be litigated. in that litigation, there is a great chance in my opinion that the proposal will lose. i am not the city attorney, but if you ask the city attorney, as we have -- and we have that assurance -- that if you do not consider the vested rights, there will be potentially successful litigation against it, so i wanted you to know that. that is a point i continue to make. it takes a little time to understand the, but it is one where if you understand the world of public pension improvement reform, and that is why we have such heated debates in oakland and in san jose. very heated. the first thing the unions say is they will sue if we tried to logos on us without consideration, and now, everything is being settled. if you go into the details of the settlements, you will so i am speaking to in my lawyer had on. i also think our proposal is important to consider because we
Jul 24, 2011 10:00pm EDT
of the indicted states and european union produced almost two-thirds of the world's economic output. $14 trillion of sales are generated by these two economies. they employ 4 million people just as europeans do. european investment contributes 10% of new york gdp. when the yorker out of 20 has of job because of the investment from the european union. that leaves the ultimate prize because these two regions are two of the few in the world that really understand what the position of the individual is in society and in government. three down. all of the things that we take for granted are ingrained in the dna. i would submit to you that keeping the relationship strong is extremely important. that is where but i started to think about nato where it is coming from our headed i thought this is not working because it is that relationship that is starting to suffer. as you know, dado was set up 1949. it had a very clear purpose to stop the soviet union from invading europe. the best description i have ever heard of an aide who was the first secretary general who was last what was nato for? he said it is
Jul 24, 2011 8:45am EDT
characters in the book. and he's the first hero of the union cause, largely forgotten today, i think, by most people except for the real sort of civil war nuts. and he's fascinating to me because he's a very reluctant hero. he's a sort of an accidental hero which to me is the most interesting kind. he's a southerner. he's from kentucky. he comes from a slave-holding background. in fact, his wife was the daughter of a very wealthy planter and they made a lot of money terribly by selling off the slaves that she had inherited. and he's a career officer in the u.s. army who finds himself stationed at this sort of sleepy little post in charleston harbor. it was really a kind of cushy army post before the civil war where they sent officers who were seasoned to wile away their time going to barbecues and very quickly, however, he's at the center of an unfolding national crisis. in fact, it's already unfolding when he arrives. the south -- the southern states begin to secede, of course, in december of 1860, a month or so after lincoln's election as president. and this little island fort sumter in the
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 2:00am PDT
there be detente between the two sides? and then another scandal in detroit. more union auto workers caught using intox casts on their lunch hour. you bet. how the union is dealing with that coming right back. >> personal story segment tonight, one of the president obama has is that the republican party is split between the tea party people and the traditional g.o.p. supporters. with us is margaret hoover brand new book american individualism how a brand new generation of conservatives can save the republican party. there is hoover. she is going to save it right? she is going to save it? >> we're going to safety republican party by connecting to the next generation. >> bill: forgive me if i am skeptical because i don't think, based on my reporting for the last two years, that tea party people are going to give at all in any of this debate and if they don't, president obama will win re-election. >> well, what my book is about is about connecting to the next generation. >> bill: there is a young lot of tea party people. >> 5 a and older. next generation is 30 and under. voted two to one for barack
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 2:00pm EDT
the deal to cut back on public sector costs, union costs and through small things, raising the retirement age slightly, asking them to contribute more to their health care premiums and pensions and it's saving the state 122 billion dollars over 30 years, and did he this by also getting democrats to acknowledge the problem, come along with them. >> all right. steve. >> i'm going to go with indiana and mitch daniels. i want to talk about the midwest, this is a state that it actually has been growing manufacturing jobs, under mr. daniels tutelage and he he balanced the budget, paul, without a penny of new taxes and it's a state that actually has a budget surplus right now and how many states would like to have that. and one last thing i'd like to say about mitch daniels, he he he did the thing that few governors had the courage to do, took on the teacher unions and put in tenure reforms and elevated not based on seniority, but based on performance, what a concept. >> well, i think that the other states which i would mention is andrew cuomo, the government of new york, with a democratic legis
Jun 30, 2011 11:00pm PDT
will be slashed it will naught be as bad as originally thought because unions agreed to concessions. both factions on the counsel agreed to restore libraries, fire stations as well as gardeners and tree trimmers. >> with a tie, jean quan has the tie breaking vote that passed the budget tonight. >> 67 police police officers layoffed in san jose today. with the city $15 million in the red there was no other choice. this was the scene that union hall today. emotions were running high as the officers turned in their budges. the lay off went forward even though the union agreed to a pay cut. the lay offs could not have come with a worst time with homicides and gang violence on the ride in san jose. >> word on the street from our every day encounters with the gang members and the citizens is that crime will go up, they know we are getting layed off. and the homicide rate already at 50% more than 2010, it will double because we got six more months left in the year. >> they should have the city's interest at heart and they are more concerned about their political careers. they better own it when the summe
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 3,555 (some duplicates have been removed)